01.01.2014 On New Year’s Eve Ruslana played the world famous yellow and blue piano

On New Year’s Eve Ruslana appeared on the stage of Maidan with her show and presented several gifts. Ruslana sang and played the hits ‘Imagine’ and ‘Let it be’ of The Beatles on the world’s most famous yellow and blue piano which was used to calm down the riot police Berkut.

In support of the students she performed the anthem Gaudeamus and presented a new arrangement of Mykola Lysenko’s overture from the opera Taras Bulba in combination with Vodogray by Volodymyr Ivasyuk.

The singer encouraged the audience to sing the Anthem of Ukraine in order to set a new world record. In this symbolic moment the Maidan turned into hundreds of thousands of voices and an ocean of flashlights.

In order to determine the result for the Guinness Book of Records the performance of the crowd was recorded with cameras from small helicopters. Currently the number of people is being evaluated under the supervision of international experts.



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