02.02.2014 EuroMaidan in Munich and meeting with Victoria Nuland

In Munich on 2nd February, during the 50th International Security Conference Ruslana met with Victoria Nuland, the Assistant Secretary of State of John Kerry, United States Secretary of State for Europe and Eurasia affairs.

Ruslana told Mrs Nuland about the violation of human rights concerning the peaceful protests, persecution and intimidation of the activists.

The singer also informed the Assistant Secretary of State about the establishing of a working group in Ukraine which created the so-called "Black list" of all violations that are taking place in our country and are classified as a "Crime against humanity, against Ukrainians" This is a project of Professor Vladimir Vasilenko of the Kyiv Mohyla Academy. On 1st and 2nd February Ruslana performed at a 3-day EuroMaidan action in Munich which gathered Ukrainians from all over Germany and Europe.

Der Maidan in München bestätigt, dass die Ukrainer in aller Welt eine Einheit sind. In Erwartung der Bedrohung reichen sie sich als Überlebensinstinkt die Hände. Ich möchte, dass alle Welt versteht, dass wir Angst haben, unser Kostbarstes zu verlieren: Würde, Freiheit, Recht, Ukraine“, erklärte Ruslana.

Sie appellierte an alle Ukrainer auf dem Münchner Maidan, Gott zu bitten, die Herzen mit Weisheit und Liebe zu füllen und nicht mit Hass. Ruslana started her speech with a minute of silence in memory of the deceased Maidan activists during which hundreds of torches were lit.

"Maidan in Munich confirms that Ukrainians worldwide are a unity. They are joining hands in anticipation of threats as survival instinct. I want the whole world to understand us: we are afraid to lose the most precious: dignity, freedom, rights, Ukraine", Ruslana said.

Ruslana appealed to all Ukrainians who gathered on Maidan in the center of Munich, to ask God to give wisdom to fill the heart with love, not detestation. "Although this regime has brought to all of us a lot of pain, criminals, usurpation of power, corruption we have to choose the right methods of fighting without violence, to be clean in the face of God”, Ruslana said.

The Ukrainians in Munich had installed their "Christmas tree" decorating it with different Ukrainian symbols ad gave a big yellow and blue heart to Maidan in Kyiv. Even a girl on crutches attended the event.

The Maidan activists in Germany made a suggestion for a statement of Yanukovych: "Me, Victor Fedorovich Yanukovych, resign as president of Ukraine".

The people who organized this Maidan asked to tell the people in Ukraine that it will become warmer, if we are fighting together!

The Ukrainians also organized a march through the city of Munich and an AutoMaidan convoy. This action, unlike in Ukraine, was supported by the local police. Indeed, in Europe there is no ban on peaceful assemblies and nobody disperses peaceful protests by tear gas, water cannon in the cold, by flamethrowers or batons.


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