14.02.2014 Ruslana debuts as jury expert of Eurosong 2014 amid crisis in Ukraine

Ruslana will debut as the Jury Expert of the Belgian Eurosong 2014 this Sunday, 15 February. Ruslana's participation in the renowned Belgian Eurovision Song Contest pre-selection show comes exactly 10 years after her spectacular victory in the Contest in Istanbul. Ruslana's winning song, Wild Dances, became one of the most successful Eurovision hits in the history of the Contest, and stayed for 11 weeks at No. 1 in the Belgian charts.

Yet, Ruslana is coming to Belgium at one of the most critical times in modern history of her own country, Ukraine, where mass protests, known as "EuroMaidan", against the corrupt Ukrainian government and in favour of closer ties with the EU have been sweeping across the country since late November 2013.

Ruslana's own social and political commitment has always been an affair of the heart for the power woman. Ever since the beginning of EuroMaidan, Ruslana has been fully dedicated to the protest, spending multiple nights in a row on Kyiv’s Independence Square, the centre of the protests, serving as an inspiration for the nightly protesters. "I risk my life for my people!" said Ruslana in a recent interview to the German magazine Closer.

Her extraordinary determination and commitment to fight for an EU future of her country was recognized in thousands of mass media articles all over the world describing her as the "Heroine of Ukraine", "Heart and soul of the protest", "Queen of the night", "Voice of the revolution" and so on.

In fact, Ruslana had foretold the future of her country long before the protests began. When in December 2012 she released her new music video for her latest masterpiece This is Euphoria!, Ruslana said at a press conference: "To show the Ukraine of today, one must show a jail, the new symbol of Ukraine." Ukraine behind bars is the main theme and message of the powerful music video, which shows a country where nobody is immune to the arbitrary application of the law.

This is Euphoria! is the lead single of Ruslana's latest album, My Boo (Together). The album comprises 8 English, one Ukrainian and two remix bonus tracks. Despite its intercontinental rock and pop nature, Ruslana integrated old Slavic circle dances, liturgies and elements of classic pieces as well as popular folk themes.

The contestants of Eurosong will benefit from Ruslana’s vast experience of composing, producing, and performing successfully, and – last but not least – winning Europe’s most popular music show. As a jury member she will do her utmost to find the best candidate and to give Belgium a realistic chance to win this year’s contest.

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