26.01.2015 Three concerts in Spain

In late January Ruslana performed a two-hour show in Malaga, Barcelona and Madrid in front of the Ukrainian communities to raise funds for humanitarian aids in Eastern Ukraine.

The concerts aimed to strengthen the volunteer movement of the Ukrainian diaspora and unite the national spirit for a common goal: building a new Ukraine. After singing the Ukrainian National Anthem Ruslana addressed the audience.

“Ukrainians around the world! It’s time to initiate a campaign against terrorism in Ukraine. We encourage and invite the world to join Ukraine and prevent future victims.

We also ask to recognize the territory of Eastern Ukraine (Donetsk and Lugansk region) as a territory occupied by terrorists and all acts of war and acts of terrorism as
1) the actions that were organized and funded by Putin;
2) actions run by Russian professional military and special forces;
3) activities that are carried out using mercenaries and people who are trained directly in Russia and receive orders and instructions from there, including the information formulations and behaviour models.

World! It's time to call a spade a spade! It’s the Moment of Truth. This is the essence of the anti-terrorist operation: Everyone should see the face of terrorists and know who is behind it.”


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