08.03.2015 Energy and emotions at the Romanian Eurovision National Final

Ruslana was invited to perform as interval act at the Romanian Eurovision National Final in Craiova, Romania, broadcast live on Romanian TV channel TVR and eurovision.tv.

Ruslana opened with Wild Dances to which she added a verse in Romanian for the delight of the audience. After her energetic performances of Arkan, Dance with the Wolves and Play, Musician, where Ruslana ran through the audience and danced with the crowd, she addressed the audience. She spoke about the International Women’s Day and how happy she was to perform at the Romanian ESC Final.

She then wanted to speak about Ukraine. “You have to understand my next statement. It’s just twenty or thirty seconds, but it’s about Ukraine,” she said. Having said only this one word, the audience responded with standing ovations and chanting “Ukraine, Ukraine!” Ruslana was so overwhelmed by this sincere support for her country that she burst into tears.

“The wave of energy that arose in the hall was unbelievable. In this moment I remembered all our guys who died, and couldn’t hold back my tears.”
The presenters now wanted to take over, but Ruslana continued:

“Ukraine is a country of strong character. We are fighting for light to save Ukraine, to save Europe, to save the world. Please guys switch on your flashlights to show to everybody, as a symbol of power.”

She then closed her set with This Is Euphoria holding a flashlight while the hall was lit by an ocean of lights in support for Ukraine.

Ruslana: “The performance in Romania was extraordinary. This event went beyond music. The whole of Ukraine must see this support of Romania. It not just adds to our optimism, strength and confidence, this is inspiring. It is a huge solidarity. I wished that all Ukrainians would feel what I felt on stage - this recognition of Ukraine in the world. It is difficult to hold back tears.”


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