17.5.2015 Ruslana rocking Munich

On 16th May Ruslana rocked Munich with her live band. Her extraordinary energy made the audience go wild and took the roof off the Schlachthof, a traditional rock club where Dire Straits, Pink Floyd, Madonna, Eric Clapton, and many other world stars have played already.

Ruslana started with a rock version of the Ukrainian National Anthem which was sung along passionately by the audience.

Apart from many Ukrainians, fans from all over Germany, and from other countries including the UK, Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic and even Moscow had come specifically for this event. Almost all of them showed their support for Ukraine turning the venue into an ocean of blue and yellow flags, scarfs and flowers.

Between the songs Ruslana thanked the Ukrainian community for all their support of the ATO fighters and the victims of the war. Ruslana is not only an exceptional vocalist but also an ambassador of her country who spreads optimism and fills people with positive energy.

„This concert showed that Ukraine has a fan club and Ukrainians are looking for events where we can feel that we have common views on Ukraine and one goals,“  recalled Ruslana afterwards.

The set played with just guitar, bass and drums included only groovy songs except for some balads. Dressed all in black Ruslana swirled around the stage and people were going crazy. After almost two hours non-stop full power performance the singer intoned the anthem again. Enthusiastic „Ruslana“ and „Molodets“ shouts brought her back for two encores.

"It was one of the most energetic concerts of the recent time – My present to the Ukrainian comunity in Germany and the Eurovision fans“, Ruslana concluded.

The major German daily newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung reported about the concert: "The rocking patriot".

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