25.1.2016 Jury member at the Ukrainian Eurovision national selection

Ruslana has been invited to serve as jury member at Ukraine’s national selection. She will be joined by Andriy Danilko who became second at the ESC 2007 representing Ukraine as Verka Serduchka, and composer and producer Konstantin Meladze. Together they will help finding the best contestant to represent Ukraine at this year’s ESC in Stockholm.

“The news that the national selection in Ukraine will be held at this level was a positive point for me. Finally, the selection of the representative for the Eurovision will go the same way as in other European countries. I can see a team of professionals working on preparing the event and I am sure it will be a real national selection. I‘ve got something to compare to as I was on the jury of national selections of almost all European countries. And I am not just "a person from the museum", who won the Eurovision over ten years ago, I am a musician in a good shape and I'm ready to share my knowledge and experience with the selected winner. Eurovision has gone far beyond being just a musical event – it’s a competition that brings people together”, said Ruslana.

The two semi-finals on 6th and 13th February, and the final on 21st February will be broadcast live by Ukrainian public broadcaster UA Pershyi and its partner STB. The winner will be decided in a combined televoting and jury’s vote.


Ruslana as jury member at the Belgian national selection in 2014


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