15.05.2016 Ruslana celebrating Jamala’s ESC victory

The deed is done!!!
Our victory! Thank you, Europe!
This is true! This is impressive!
Ukraine is grateful to everyone for every vote!
We are happy to once again say to the world: Welcome to Ukraine! ...
Jamala, you did everything you could, and even more - you changed the music for the better!!!
We all thank you for the victory – worthy and strong, and that’s what we all need!!!
I personally thank you!!!
Symbolically, Ukraine won both times with exotics: in 2004 with the Carpathian, and in 2016 with Crimea!
That’s what Ukraine is like: varied and boundless - from the mountains to the sea!!!”

Jamala won the 61st Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm with her self-penned song 1944 which tells about the dramatic history of her grand-grandmother who was dislodged by Stalin from Crimea. Ruslana watched the victory of her compatriot in Mainz, Germany, where she performed at the live TV show Fernsehgarten the following day. ZDF Fernsehgarten hatte.

  Ruslana and the Zhyttya dancers celebrating Jamala's victory.


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