16.7.2016 International Ukrainian Dance & Culture Festival in L'viv

At the four-day’s International Ukrainian Dance & Culture Festival Ukrainian folk dance groups from Australia, Canada, Argentina, England, Croatia, Ukraine and other countries gathered in L’viv and performed at different places of the historic city. 

On the morning of July, 16th, Ruslana conducted a workshop for international choirs. In the evening she performed at the joint zabava. She was excited about the invitation to this special event in her home city.

“This festival brought together authentic Ukrainian community groups from across the world. There were teams from Edmonton, Manchester, Sydney…. With some of them I had already joint performances, and with some I’m planning to do so. These people live Ukrainian folk songs and dances.

During my performance of the song Arkan some dance groups formed a complicated shape which is called the Pyramid (this is when the guys in a circle climb on the shoulders of each other). I was impressed that these people did it just for fun and not as a job on stage.”

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