3.9.2016 25th Independence Day anniversary in Canada

Ruslana was the star attraction at a number of events in West-Canada celebrating the 25th anniversary of Ukraine’s Declaration of Independence from the Soviet Union, and to celebrate 125 years of Ukrainian settlement in Canada.

On 28th August 2016 Ruslana performed at the Sviato 25 event on Churchill Square in Edmonton. More than 5,000 people watched about 700 Ukrainian dancers, musicians, speakers and singers. Ruslana was of course the highlight of the evening.

On 30th August she played a full hall with her live band at the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium in Edmonton. Some songs she performed with the dance formation Shumka Dancers.

„It was one of the best concerts of my life“, Ruslana recalled.

“Thank you, my unbeatable Ukrainian who were there and made this concert unique. It's hard to describe in words what I feel now. I can only say one thing - I'm happy! The hall was full and everyone had yellow and blue flags and torches. The 25th Independence Day anniversary is a great event for all Ukrainian worldwide.”

On the way to Saskatoon in Saskatchewan Ruslana visited the Ukrainian Heritage Museum.

“This place perfectly illustrates how the first Ukrainians who came to Canada 125 years ago retained Ukraine throughout their lives. I was impressed by everything I saw and probably first time in my life I could feel the emotions of people (first wave of immigration in 19th century) who were forced to leave Ukraine trying to find the opportunity to survive.”

On 2nd September Ruslana and her band finally gave another acclaimed concert at Saskatoon’s Art and Convention Centre.

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