5.11.2016 Great atmosphere in Paris

On 5 November 2016 Ruslana played with her live band at the sold out Center Culturel Georges Pompidou in Vincennes, Paris. The event had been organized by "Ideas without Borders - Ukrainians in France".

Ruslana opened with the Ukrainian anthem and went on with Wild Dances, Dance With The Wolves and other classics. At Tse lyubov the singer whirled through the auditorium. The enthusiastic spectators - many of them in Ukrainian Vyshyvankas and with blue and yellow flags - no longer stayed in their seats and danced in the aisles.


At the last song, Svitanok, 20 Ukrainian children came onto the stage and sang with Ruslana together.

After the acclaimed concert, the organizers held an exclusive cocktail party where the guests were joined by Ruslana fulfilling autograph and selfie wishes. "Thank you for your incredible drive which has already become a Ukrainian trademark!"


Ruslana: I am amazed how enchanting our concert in Paris was. Thank you to the incredible audience, and the entire Ukrainian community in France! Thank you for your unique drive, and for the unique moments we experienced together! Thank you to the awesome Ukrainian children who sang with me Svitanok! I will keep this concert in my heart forever!!!

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