Ruslana's new single IT'S MAGICAL out now!

The single It’s Magical / Я люблю – is Ruslana’s debut featuring a new music style after her long-lasting creative break - the break that was caused by the dramatic and stormy events in Ukraine which were inextricably linked to Ruslana’s art and life. According to the singer, this track is by far more powerful than her renowned Wild Dances; it is more sensitive, more advanced and more exotic.

“With no exaggeration, it is certain to say that the making of this song took 13 years which have passed since my victory at the Eurovision 2004”, says Ruslana.

The result is an original genre of music which combines tender cradle songs with brisk exotic melodies and rhythms. “This is exactly what 2017 should sound like”, says the singer This music is multifaceted, it has its unique format and style.

The world premiere took place at the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv on 13th May 2017. For the artist this was the second chance to showcase the originality and exoticism of Ukraine to an audience of more than 200 million.

The original, exotic and even mystical manner of singing which forms the basis of the soundtrack Ruslana acquired in the Carpathian Mountains. She worked hard to master this style of singing in sometimes extreme expeditions.

The single was released in a Ukrainian and an English version. Yet, both songs incorporate another popular and yet exotic language – the language of our hearts.


Director: Oles Sanin
camera: Jaroslav Pilunsky, Yuri Hruzynov
Choreograph: Iryna Mazur
Dancers: Zhyttya Dance Band

The film production took place in a unique place, the Basalt quarry in the Rivne region. There are only 4 such places in the world. T

his place was chosen because it looks very similar to the most mystical place in the highlands of the Ukrainian Carpathians called Spitzy. That's where Ruslana got caught in a hail storm during summer. When she was in the storm cloud, she felt that there was a special power that doesn’t let people get afraid, and that allows them to survive, and withstand even the strongest test.

Oles Sanin recreated that storm in the video in an absolutely realistic way.

The image of Ruslana in the chainmail in which she appears in the clip resembles her internal state. After all the events in her country and her extreme expeditions into the mountains, Ruslana feels like a kind of warrioress who is called to protect the most valuable: LOVE.


In her song, video, and the show at the Eurovision Grand Final Ruslana is conveying a very important message to the audience. She wants to draw attention to environmental problems happening before our eyes – the widespread deforestation of the natural base of our culture.

Ruslana’s aim is the preservation of the Carpathian primeval forests, their unique wildlife, and exceptional culture. These are all interconnected.



Ruslana – It’s Magical /
Руслана - Я люблю

Music: Ruslana in cooperation with Andrii Oniskevych

Lyrics (Ukrainian): Ruslana in cooperation with Yulia Lord

Lyrics (English): Ruslana in cooperation with Sandra Bjurman





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