05.08.2017 Sázavafest in Czech Republic: „A really cool interaction!“

Ruslana gave an acclaimed live concert at the popular open-air festival Sázavafest in Světlá nad Sázavou, Czech Republic. As a headliner, her gig attracted 5,000 enthusiastic viewers.

Ruslana: "We performed in the Czech Republic at the popular Sázavafest. Thanks to my supporters, and everyone who came to our concert! The fantastic hot-drive audience responded to every Ukrainian melody and groove. My exotic singing and drive movements inspired people more and more ... they sang, moved with me, screamed, and jumped ... a really cool interaction!"

After one-hour performance which included of course her new single It's Magical, and several of her classic hits, the crowd didn’t want to let her go. Afterwards she gave autographs for a whole hour.

On the day before, Thomas Anders from Modern Talking had performed as the main act. In addition numerous Czech and Slovakian bands played.

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