24.08.2017 Independence Day of Ukraine in Baturyn

For this yearís Independence Day celebration Ruslana chose a very symbolic place for her grand concert: the Fortress of Baturyn. Baturyn was the capital of the Cossack Hetmanate in the 17th century which laid the foundation of the Ukrainian state. Itís precisely here were the thorny path to the independence of the country began.

Ruslana: Yesterday on August 24, we established a new tradition every year to celebrate Independence Day in Baturyn (Chernihiv region), the capital of the Hetmanate. Thank you to the great patriot, the benefactor of this celebration, Eugene Sur, who always impressed me with his position and love for Ukraine.

We started with the rock version of the Ukrainian anthem, which I have performed already around the world. In a moment of silence we honoured the heroes who gave their lives for Ukraine. We were singing, dancing and frankly, sincerely, honestly talking about independence. I love Ukraine. I am Ukrainian and this is all that needs to be said. Glory to Ukraine! I am from Ukraine!Ē

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