12.05.2018 New live show at EuroVillage in Lisbon

“I call on Eurovision to go for renewable energy, clean energy! We need clean energy to win!”

On May 12th, the wildest Eurovision winner hit the EuroVillage stage on Praça do Comércio in the heart of Lisbon, Portugal. Right before the Grand Final Ruslana presented her new live show with exotic instruments, a live rock set, exclusive premieres and surprise features. Thousands of Eurovision fans, journalists from around the world, residents and guests of Lisbon, as well as thousands of Ukrainians from different parts of Portugal gathered and "dressed" the main Eurovision square in the colours of the flags of the world.

During her one hour live performance with three drum sets the multi-talented musician played drums, trembita, cymbals, and a scythe, and showed the inexhaustible energy and exotics of Ukraine in form of a modern rock show.

With this show Ruslana addressed the international community with a message she regards as critical for a sustainable future of mankind:

“As the world’s biggest music show Eurovision has tremendous influence. Therefore its mission could become the promotion of progressive values. Renewable energy is the clean energy of the elements of nature, the energy of saving our planet and mankind, the energy of peace. Now, when I am not competing but take part as a guest, I’d like to invite fans around the world, all those who love music and care for our planet, to step into the new era – The Era of Clean Energy.”

In her previous and new expeditions to the Ukrainian Carpathians Ruslana had explored authentic rituals and ancient singing and dancing techniques. She dedicates her new WILD ENERGY project to the green natural sources of energy to save the planet and mankind.

Ruslana: “I’m calling the world to switch 100% to renewable energy. Each of us can help the world to become clean. The pure energy of the sun and the wind belongs to every person, it is free and peaceful. It leads us to the future without war and ecological disasters!“

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