22./28.09.2018 Global Renewable Energy Ambassador of the World

With a great charity concert on 22nd September, Ruslana supported the referendum to implement Climate Protection into the Constitution of the association Climate Protection - Bavaria's Future.

After speeches by Hans-Josef Fell, President of the Energy Watch Group and 'father' of the first energy transition law, and other representatives of the initiative, Ruslana rocked the Posthalle in Würzburg, Germany, so that it kept hardly anyone on their chairs.

Ruslana: “I devote my performance today to the climatic protection. I believe people have enough power for changes. The future of mankind depends on what we do now or fail to do.”

At the International Trade Fair WindEnergy Hamburg on 28th September, Ruslana was officially proclaimed as the Global Renewable Energy Ambassador of the World and received the relevant certificate from Stefan Gsänger, General Secretary of the World Wind Energy Association and member of the executive board of the Global 100% RE Platform.

After the solemn part, Ruslana presented her Wild Energy show on a stage that was powered autonomously and exclusively from sources of clean renewable energy!

Ruslana doesn’t just talk about clean energy she lives her mission! Her musical project Wild Energy “translates” the idea of 100% renewable energy into the most universal and understandable language of all people - the language of pop music and show.

Ruslana: “I want to appeal to all those present and I promise that I will deal with the transition of mankind to 100% renewable energy sources 24/7. I will do everything that will depend on me, so that it will happen as soon as possible.
It's not enough to just speak. It's not enough just to organize events. For each person, the transition to clean energy means, among other things, the abandonment of artificial things like drugs. For all mankind and the entire planet, this means the abandonment of nuclear energy, coal, oil and gas - a complete rejection of these dark energies and the system built on it. It destroys our whole life. Not just a part of it.
My mission as Ambassador is to make renewable energy the most popular energy in the world. And I know how to do it with my voice. I have a program and an action plan.
I want everyone on this planet to think about the sort of energy they use. We have enough strength and opportunity to change this.”

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