01.01.2019 ReNewYear 2019

On New Year’s Eve exactly at midnight Ruslana pushed the button which supplied the whole Olympus Club in Izmail with 100% clean energy. Close to the town in the sunny Southwest of Ukraine is one of the biggest solar fields of the country. The club will now be charged by clean power only. And so was Ruslana’s subsequent New Year’s concert where she presented her well-known hits as well as some new songs.

With her project Go RE100! Ruslana calls the world to switch to 100% clean renewable energy sources.

Ruslana: “In front of the stunned audience and camera lenses, I turned off the "old" energy. This energy represents the entire era of the oil, gas and coal industry with its deadlocks, wars, monopolies, crimes against humanity, and environmental destruction. Just within a moment, I switched on the new power system, symbolically called Noah's Ark.”

“I am convinced that the time has come to challenge the energy monopolies and to go with clean energy, produced by the sun and the wind, into the future. The future, where the key for the choice of energy is in your hands.”

To celebrate this extraordinary event Ruslana invited several guests, among them Hans-Joseph Fell, one of the world's most well-known experts in the field of sustainable energy.

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