Not For Sale

Hillary Clinton
«Trafficking is a crime that involves every nation on earth, and that includes our own. We hope to shine the light brightly on the scope and scale of modern slavery so all governments can see where progress has been made and where more is needed»

Jolanta Kwasniewska
«Our main goal is the active educational campaign designed, in the first place, for women and girls, to minimize risk to their freedom»

Emma Thompson
«It is important to raise the awareness about these young women who are forced into a kind of slavery, beaten, raped, tortured and threatened»

Mehriban Aliyeva
«If two years ago we were concentrating our attention on how many people were trafficked out from Azerbaijan for sexual and labour exploitation, nowadays we are interested in what we can do for these victims»

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     Not for sale - Ruslana’s global initiative to fight human trafficking

     Human trafficking remains 21st century’s global problem.
     800 thousand people are sold annually to foreign countries for forced labour. According to the UN data, more than 12 million people worldwide remain in conditions of slavery. 80% of victims of modern slavery are women, half of whom are underage. Sexual exploitation of women has reached an unprecedented scale, making up 79% of all human trafficking activities. According to the Interpol data, the profits from human trafficking reach $19 billion per year.

     To help eradicate the problem of human trafficking, Ruslana has announced her social campaign Not For Sale.

     In 2004-2005, as the UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, Ruslana begins active work to fight slavery.

     In 2006, Ukrainian TV channels air a series of spots featuring Ruslana specially created for the purposes of the anti-human trafficking campaign in Ukraine.

     To successfully carry out her initiative Not for Sale, Ruslana later joins forces with the UN Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking (UN.GIFT,, Vital Voices ( and the European Broadcasting Union (, which agree to become partners for the project.

     In February 2008, at the Vienna Forum to Fight Human Trafficking, organized by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, Ruslana presents her new single Not for Sale, which was recognized by the UN as the anthem of the fight against modern slavery.

     With the support of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Ukraine, the next phase of the social initiative Not for Sale is underway today. During this phase, Ruslana and her team will produce a special anti-trafficking video spot, which will be disseminated via the Internet and hosted on the websites of the project partners, including the International Women Rights Center “La Strada – Ukraine” (, Amnesty International in Ukraine ( and the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Ukraine (

     Ruslana: «The problem of human trafficking requires close attention on the part of the society. It is through public information campaigns that we can achieve success in overcoming this heinous crime. I call on every one of you to not be indifferent to the present-day situation, and be very aware of the causes and sources of modern slavery for your own safety and security and the safety and security of your families.»

     Numerous first ladies and influential women from various countries around the world have dedicated themselves to the fight against human trafficking, including Jolanta Kwasniewska (Poland), Hillary Clinton (USA), Carla Bruni-Sarcozy (France), Veronica Lario-Berlusconi (Italy), Mehriban Alieva (Azerbaijan), Suzanne Mubarak (Egypt). The list also includes such prominent persons as Ricky Martin (USA), Valeria (Russia), Nelly Furtado (Canada), Emma Thompson (UK).

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