New Year 2019 Ruslana started on the energy of the sun!

New Year 2019 Ruslana started on the energy of the sun!

In Bessarabia, Ruslana welcomed the New Year 2019 on Clean Solar Energy.

Singer Ruslana as the International Ambassador for Renewable Energy held a concert show on New Year’s Eve on clean solar energy, challenging the existing old energy system.

The show, as the beginning of a large-scale project, symbolically took place in the sunniest region of Ukraine, in Bessarabia, in the city of Izmail.

Solar panels and solar energy storage units, which had been charged from the bright sun of Bessarabia and provided 100% clean energy to the entire complex, were installed immediately near the venue.

The guests of the special celebration watched a video recorded in Earth orbit by a German cosmonaut, who addressed future generations and talked about the importance of the transition towards clean energy and the preservation of the planet.

The video greetings to the guests of the event were recorded by Stefan Gzänger (Germany), General Secretary of the World Wind Energy Association, Board member of the Global 100% RE Platform, and Giles Dickson (Belgium), the Chief Executive Officer of European Wind Energy Association (EWEA).

The Metropolia Group of Companies, headed by General Director Viktor Kurtiev, has become not only the inspiration for the event but also the organizer and the host of the party.

Industry leaders and influential renewable energy experts from Ukraine and Europe came to pay their respects and participate in this unique event. The event was attended by the internationally recognized founding figure of the global renewable energy movement, the co-author of Germany’s Renewable Energy Sources Act in 2000, Hans-Josef Fell (Germany). He spoke about the importance of the transition of Ukrainians towards the renewables and complete energy independence.

The entire complex of the club was unplugged from the “old” energy (central city energy grid) in the front of the eyes of the amazed public and in the front of the camera lenses in a minute before the New Year.


At the stroke of midnight, Ruslana switched on the button of passing towards clean solar energy and fed the entire energy system of the venue from the 100% renewable energy storage, symbolically called it “Noah’s Ark”.

“I have never felt such a big difference between the past and the future. I have never had such a strong feeling that in the past little depended on me. But in the future, almost everything depends on me. This button to switch own clean energy of the sun and wind, produced from 100% renewable sources, actually in my mind. This button with the old, supposedly “inexpensive” energy, for which we pay at the cost of the life of the planet, our health, and future, must be found and switched in our heads”– very emotionally shared her feelings Ruslana.

The initiative is called “Go RE100”!
It means the call for a civil transition to renewable energies without a war for energy.

Having welcomed the New Year, Ruslana, accompanied by musicians, performed new songs, her the most popular hits, and Christmas carols. Following the singer, the audience in the hall staged a flash mob, the purpose of which was to catch with the mirrors the rays of searchlights created by the solar energy. Unusual public enthusiastically took Ruslana and was inspired by her idea of switching to solar energy.



Just after Ruslana, the singer Zlatna Maria appeared on stage.
The evening was continued by the inflammatory Bulgarian rhythms of Fa- Diese ensemble. New Year’s mood and dance rhythms of the evening were set by the DJ Sanya Dymov.

General Director of the Metropolia Group of Companies Viktor Kurtiev, one of the organizers and inspirers of the #ReNewYear project, started a timer countdown directly on stage to discover “a new star” in” the constellation of Bessarabian solar stations” – Port Solar.

The energy accumulated by the sun the day before the New Year’s Eve was enough to continue the holiday show until morning. The owner of the club admitted that he wants to put his complex on clean energy and not go back to the “old” one.

#ReNewYear became the new symbol and brand of the due year and perhaps a decade.