Ruslana follows up on her tradition of Christmas concerts

Ruslana follows up on her tradition of Christmas concerts

Christmas is a nice fairy tale for the hearts of believers.
This great and inspiring holiday in Ukraine is closely associated with Ruslana’s name.

From 1996, Ruslana creates massive musical projects with the use of rock music, ancient carols, a chamber orchestra, a choir, copper and woodwind instruments. Dancing, fireworks, a magical atmosphere, Christmas legends of the ancient Carpathians are all elements that recreate the inimitable atmosphere of the Ukrainian Christmas.

This year Ruslana spent Christmas holidays in her native city of Lviv.
She went to her hometown not only to enjoy Christmas Eve with Daddy and to say happy birthday to her Mom but also to give a big open-air performance on January 7th at the square in front of Taras Shevchenko monument.


In addition to her well-known hits, Ruslana sang traditional Christmas carols which were given modern interpretations. Auditory with pleasure joined her in singing and dancing to the rhythmic music. A lot of people had gathered at the square that evening. Among them were both locals and guests of the city.