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  • Ruslana is always a discovery, she is always the energy. The wild and pure Energy of Ukraine! Her work is a chance for a powerful start, an effective breakthrough of the new Ukrainian music onto the international level. She brings original mystic singing to the stage, an extremely ancient vocal technique preserved in the culture of the Ukrainian Carpathians, which she rediscovered high up the mountains. Or maybe it was this technique that found her. It is a language that once the entire planet used to speak – the song of the heart. The singing that unites the world is the planet’s most ancient music. She is bringing back to the pop music the ancient myth about METAMUSIC, the myth about special music which gives away special power of light, a mighty force of the good. All her music, choreography, singing with mystic elements and millennia-old vibrations are ancient and pure energy of her Land, the energy of Ukraine.


    Ruslana is the internationally recognised Ukrainian singer, Eurovision Song Contest and World Music Award (as best selling Ukrainian artist) winning artist. She produces her own projects, writes music, conducts orchestras, and plays the piano. In music and on the stage she does what nobody else can do, she is original, she is unique. Her success is based on her distinctive musical style – she rediscovered the sounds, grooves and the vocal manner of the ancient Carpathian mountains.

    Her shining success after Eurovision victory enabled Ruslana to conquer the world stage. Countless live concerts and TV appearances from the U.S. to Siberia, from Iceland to Greece, and from Turkey to China helped Ruslana to share her musical vision across the Globe.


    Besides her musical successes, the social and political commitment has always been an affair of the heart for Ruslana.  It is no exaggeration to call Ruslana the voice and the face of Ukraine in the world.

    Ruslana fights for the economic freedom and energy independence of Ukraine. She was an active participant in both revolutions in Ukraine (Orange Revolution, 2004 and Revolution of Dignity, 2013-2014). Being an active civic activist, Ruslana was included in the top 10 most influential women of 2013 by the Forbes magazine. In 2014 she was among 10 most courageous women and honored with the International Woman of Courage Award (an American award presented annually by the United States Department of State to women around the world who have shown leadership, courage, resourcefulness, and willingness to sacrifice for others, especially in promoting women’s rights).